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Notification of Reposting / Republishing of “Atheism is Dead” Content

Notification of Reposting / Republishing of “Atheism is Dead” Content

This post’s comment section is reserved for those who wish to repost / republish “Atheism is Dead” content.

FYI: I am now including the following comment at the end of each “Atheism is Dead” post:

This essay is copyrighted by Mariano of the “Atheism is Dead” blog at
It may be republished in part or in its entirety on websites, blogs, or any print media for whatever purpose—in agreement or in order to criticize it—only as long as the following conditions are met:
1) Give credit to “Mariano of the ‘Atheism is Dead’ blog at”
2) Inform me as to which essay is being reproduced and where it is being reproduced via the comments section at this link

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Atheism and Agnosticism

The UK Guardian has been exploring the question of the difference between agnostic and atheist and have thus set out to define agnostic and agnostic beliefs and define atheism and atheism beliefs.

They ask:

What is the difference between agnosticism and atheism?...are agnostics merely people who lack the courage of their lack of convictions?

Is there a real difference between someone who thinks that the question of God's existence is undecideable in priciple and one who supposes merely that the evidence to settle the question has not finally come in?

Or is the whole distinction between agnostics and true believers, or true unbelievers, really one of temperament? Perhaps some people just don't like feeling certain, and others feel uncomfortable any other way.[1]

They then posted an article by Jonathan West entitled, “I'm an atheist, OK? The debate over who should call themselves 'agnostic' is muddled by imprecise and conflicting uses of the word itself,” UK Guardian, May 18, 2009.

Jonathan West attempts to remedy the confusion as to atheism and agnosticism and the definition of agnostic and definition of atheism by, in part, writing:

The cause of the confusion is that atheists and theists have different definitions of the words agnostic and atheist, and adamantly refuse to accept the validity of each other's definitions.

Here is a short form of the definitions from the two separate points of view.
Theist version: An atheist is certain there is no God, an agnostic is not certain.
Atheist version: An atheist believes there is no God, an agnostic doesn't know.

But why bring theists into it? Atheist have enough problems attempting to figure out the difference between agnostic and atheist and defining atheism and agnostic.

For example, as Atheism is Dead noted in our post Atheism Symbols - Atheist Symbols; Internet InfidelsJeffery Jay Lowder noted,

…the “atheist” movement keeps shooting itself in the foot by failing to reach a consensus regarding the meaning of “atheism.”

Jonathan West attempts to elucidate further:

The two versions are only subtly different, but a great deal of hot air has been expended on this difference.
Let's look at the two definitions of atheist first, because this is where the cause of the confusion really resides. It is the distinction between "believes" and "is certain". In choosing the two different forms of words, I am trying to convey that the theists' definition of atheism suggests that atheists know beyond any possibility of doubt that they have proof of God's nonexistence.
The self-described atheists tend to use the word "believe" as meaning a very high degree of confidence, sufficient to live their lives on this basis, but falling short of 100% proven certainty.

Yet, his “short form of the definitions” of agnosticism and atheism are limited and merely add to the muddling. They certainly are limited due to being “short form” but perhaps he should not have referenced “short form.”

What of strong atheism, positive atheism, explicit atheism or critical atheism? What of weak atheism, negative atheism or implicit atheism? What of Naturalists, Materialists, Rationalists, Humanists, Skeptics, Brights, Freethinkers, Philosophical Skeptics, Universists, Ethical Culturalists, etc.? What of anti-theists, militant atheists, activist atheists, etc.?

Part of the confusion is that Jonathan West thinks that,

A Christian is somebody who says he is a Christian, and an agnostic is somebody who says he doesn't know. If we all accept each other's self-applied labels, we can all get along much better.

Such concepts are convenient to atheists who can then say things such as, “That idolater, fornicator, leader of a violent regime says that he is a Christian so; he is a Christian.” Yet, Christianity is a concept defined within certain well defined parameters and so one is not a Christian by mere claiming to be one: such “self-applied labels” are irrelevant even while it is important to consider how those with whom we are having a discussion defined their “self-applied labels.”

Thomas Henry Huxley coined the term “agnostic” in 1869 because he noted two extremes:

1) Atheist who positively affirmed God’s non-existence (claimed to know that God did not exist).
2) Theists who positively affirmed God’s existence (claimed to know that God exists).[2]

Concluding that he did not posses enough evidence to positively affirm either position Thomas Huxley coined a term which he saw as a middle position which was that of lacking knowledge to go either way (whether such knowledge actually exists outside of his personal knowledge or may someday be discovered is another issue).

It was after this coining that Charles Bradlaugh (circa 1876) popularized the definition of “atheism” as some define it today; words to the likes of “lack of belief in god(s).” Or what’s author refers to as the “few morons” who are “so damn stupid” for defining atheism as such (see Atheism is Dead’s post History of Atheism).

This post was meant to provide a heads up to the centuries old issue with which atheists have had to deal which is how to define their own position. Some will merely say, “All Atheists merely lack a god(s) belief” and yet, this is merely another self-serving and restrictive attempt to bypass the issue.

[1]What is agnosticism? Is agnosticism anything more than a polite, or cowardly veil around atheism?,” UK Guardian, May 18, 2009
[2] Britannica Online Encyclopedia entry for “agnosticism.”

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Updated Updates

My dear friends:

This past Friday the 13th my little baby doll turned one month old, having been born one month ago on Friday the 13th—thank God that I am not superstitious.

I have been all but absent from the comments section and am afraid that this is a situation that may continue.
Yet, I felt the urge to attempt to inspire some level of empathy by reviewing a typical day:

6:00 wake up.
6:20 at the bus stop—my only real substantive reading time in on the bus.
7:00-1:00 work.
1:00-2:00 ride my bike to the gym and workout during my lunch time (yes, five days per week).
2:00-4:00 eat lunch at my desk and work.
4:10 at the bus stop, reading while I wait for the bus and continue to do so during the ride.
5:00ish make it home and then…

I wonder what some of you like to do when you get home: kick up your heels, nap, surf the net, watch TV, play video games, care for your families, study for school…

I get home and am greeted by my beautiful bride and little voices saying, “Papa is home! Papa is home!”
Since she has been home with the 4 munchkins all day I do not have down time although, I may do some parenting from the couch (whatever my particular energy level will allow).

Then, more so than not, I will be the one who cooks.

Jump to 8:00 and the kids go into their room to read, or play, or watch a movie, etc.

Now is when I tend to get online and do my shenanigans.

10:00 lights out for the kids.

11:00-12:00 I go to sleep (aka pass out).

6:00 wake up and do it all again.

And this does not take into consideration my oldest son’s soccer games, my softball games, etc.

And I love it!

I have gone through various phases whilst blogging:
Sometimes on my own blogs posting whenever I came up with something, sometimes posting every day, sometimes posting every other day.
Sometimes taking turns as part of a team.
Sometimes not allowing any comments at all (this was actually just when I initially put up some of my other blogs since when you inaugurate a new blog you get a lot of comments that read something like, “Great blog, now come to mine where you can earn money while losing weight with local cheerleaders!”).
Most often answering every comment on every issue and having multiple discussions on multiple subjects with multiple personages at the same time.
And now, when I find that it is simply not in the interest of my family to answer to everyone about everything as this is very, very time consuming.

I ask your pardon for having to do this but I do believe that it is my only viable, and sane, option.

This does not mean that I will never respond to anyone about anything but that responses may be rare.

I hope that you can understand.


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I have hyperlinked these images myself but do not know if that will carry over when you “save as.”

Get creative, have fun and it will not cost you a penny/pence.

Also, note you can do a double whammy and mention “Project Answering Atheism” images for which you may find at this link.

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