The New Atheism and the Erosion of Freedom - Robert Morey

The New Atheism and The Erosion Of Freedom is a book may be of interest and which was published way, way back in 2004 AD.

Robert Morey has also authored a few articles pertaining to atheism

The Relative Logic of Atheists

The New Atheism

Atheism and Absolutes

He has also written other books on various topics:

The Trinity

Death and the Afterlife

Studies in the Atonement

The Nature And Extent Of God's Knowledge

Introduction to Defending the Faith

How to Answer a Mormon

How to Answer a Jehovah's Witness

The Truth About Masons

Islamic Invasion

Satan’s Devices

Reincarnation and Christianity

When is it Right to Fight?

Battle Of The Gods (The Gathering Storm in Modern Evangelicalism)

How to Keep Your Kids Drug Free

Worship Is All of Life

How the Old and New Testaments Relate to Each Other

How to Keep Your Kids Drug Free

Los Horóscopos y el Cristiano

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  1. I'm assuming it catalogues the various violations of freedom carried out by evangelicals?