The 'New' Atheism: 10 Arguments That Don't Hold Water - Michael Poole

Michael Poole, has written the book titled, “The 'New' Atheism: 10 Arguments That Don't Hold Water.”

It is due to be released in May 1, 2010 AD but which may be purchased now. The Amazon.com product description reads as follows:

“The top ten arguments put forward by the new atheists are teased out and torn down.
The new atheists are putting out new books and articles, bus adverts and TV programmes like there's no tomorrow.

They've gained a large slice of the public eye's pie, but do their arguments really hold water?
Using the analogy put forward by the esteemed philosopher Anthony Flew, Michael Poole examines the new atheists' use of the 'ten leaky buckets' tactic of argumentation - presenting readers with a sum of arguments that are each individually defective, as though the cumulative effect should be persuasive.

This closer look at the facts reveals that the buckets are, indeed, leaky.”


  1. I hope they have this in my library! I'd like to check it out.

  2. Who is Michael Poole and why should we care about what we has to say?

  3. We should ask the same thing about HTWWSTFU the random anonymous drive-by blog commenter.

    Thanks for the comment and the lesson in ad hominems.

    Who he is, is not relevant to his arguments. The logical thing to do is to consider his arguments regardless of who he may be.


  5. Mariano,

    Thank you for the lesson in overanxious accusations of ad hominems. I never said that Michael Poole's arguments were wrong because of who he is. In fact, I'm likely to agree with what he has to say.

    But the truth is that there are a lot of books out there, and I don't have time to read them all. While a complete unknown could produce a work of genius, finding out more about the author would help me determine if it is worth my time a priori. I was simply asking for some more information on the author because he is unknown to me and a Google search didn't turn up much. If your free publicity for the book is based on the concept alone, then that's fine. No need to be so sensitive about it.

    As for who I am, bossman, I'll let you know when I write 100 pages of ideas that I expect people to spend their time and money on.

    Merry Christmas!