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Atheist Quotes / Atheism Quotes

Atheism is Dead now presents various famous atheist quotes, not so famous atheist quotes and infamous atheist quotes and, for good measure, a few quotes about atheists and atheism by non-atheists (aatheists?)

American Atheist’s webmaster,
Atheists are NOT “secular humanists”, “freethinkers”, “rationalists” or “ethical culturalists”…Often, people who are Atheists find it useful to masquerade behind such labels.[1]
atheism quotes and atheist quotes
Vox Day,
the following pair of definitions have proven to be useful in distinguishing between the High Church atheist and the agnostic.
Agnostic: I don’t believe there is a God. Because I haven’t seen the evidence.
Atheist: There is no God. Because I’m an ***hole.[2] [expletive censored]
atheism quotes and atheist quotes
Wired Magazine’s Gary Wolf; who included himself in the following description:
we lax agnostics, we noncommittal nonbelievers, we vague deists who would be embarrassed to defend antique absurdities like the Virgin Birth or the notion that Mary rose into heaven without dying, or any other blatant myth.
atheism quotes and atheist quotes
Gary Wolf wrote:
At dinner parties or over drinks, I ask people to declare themselves. “Who here is an atheist?” I ask.
Usually, the first response is silence, accompanied by glances all around in the hope that somebody else will speak first. Then, after a moment, somebody does, almost always a man, almost always with a defiant smile and a tone of enthusiasm. He says happily, “I am!”
But it is the next comment that is telling. Somebody turns to him and says: “You would be.”
“Because you enjoy pissing people off.”
“Well, that’s true.”
This type of conversation takes place not in central Ohio, where I was born, or in Utah, where I was a teenager, but on the West Coast, among technical and scientific people, possibly the social group that is least likely among all Americans to be religious.[3]
atheism quotes and atheist quotes

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Atheism is a consoling delusion for people who cannot handle the reality of God’s existence.
atheism quotes and atheist quotes
From History of Atheism:
The lack of public acceptance for a “lack of belief” definition of “atheism” is reflected in the fact that no reputable dictionary has a “lack of belief” definition for either “atheism” or “atheist”.
However, this has not kept a few morons from incorrectly claiming that various dictionary definitions have a “lack of belief” definition…I have posted some of the arguments these people have used, and I explained why why [sic] they are so damn stupid.

From Atheism, the Bible, Rape and, part 4 of 6
What kind of lunatic would make a rape victim marry her attacker? Answer: God…It is clear that God doesn't give a damn about the rape victim.
atheism quotes and atheist quotes
From Atheism, the Bible, Rape and, part 3 of 6:
Clearly Moses and God approves of rape of virgins

From Atheism, the Bible, Rape and, part 5 of 6:
God Assists Rape and Plunder

From Atheism, the Bible, Rape and, part 2 of 6:
These sick bastards killed and raped an entire town

From Atheism, Ritual Human Sacrifice in the Bible, and, part 1 of 5:
Abraham takes his own son up on a mountain and builds an altar upon which to burn him…If Abraham did that today he would be in jail serving a long sentence as someone's prison-b***. [expletive censored]
atheism quotes and atheist quotes
From Atheism, Ritual Human Sacrifice in the Bible, and, part 2 of 5:
These priests are guilty of theft and kidnapping…What do we call a scum-bag that threatens to kill your kids unless you pay a ransom? A kidnapper! If these priests were alive today they would be in prison with Abraham.

From Atheism, Ritual Human Sacrifice in the Bible, and, part 4 of 5:
God Commands Burning Humans.

From Atheism, Ritual Human Sacrifice in the Bible, and, part 5 of 5:
Burn Nonbelievers

From Atheism,, “Theists Suck” and Christians are Hypocrites, part 1 of 6
[Christians’] willful ignorance of the Bible combined with their two faced idealism to preach it, has made us sick, hasn’t it?...We are all aware that the church is simply a business which employs tactics similar to that of tobacco industries in recruiting consumers.
atheism quotes and atheist quotes
From Atheism,, “Theists Suck” and Christians are Hypocrites, part 3 of 6
Ever watch these Christians on television and notice how their bowed heads uniformly shake amen while some evangelist goes on and on in prayer for a ******* hour?...
Christians are not supposed to take their disputes before non-Christian courts or judges…Does this stop Christians from tying up the supreme court with law suits concerning school prayer, abortion, or numerous other absurdities? Hell no it doesn’t, and my taxes are paying the ******* bill for their hypocrisy! [expletives censored]

From Atheism,, “Theists Suck” and Christians are Hypocrites, part 4 of 6
shoot down these idiots and bar them from getting away with their hypocrisy.
atheism quotes and atheist quotes
From Atheism,, “Theists Suck” and Christians are Hypocrites, part 5 of 6
How many times have you heard some lame ass Christian say “the Old testament doesn’t matter, Jesus was the lamb and abolished it”? Don’t let them get away with this ****. [expletive censored]

From Atheism,, “Theists Suck” and Christians are Hypocrites, part 6 of 6
A raped, unengaged virgin must marry her rapist and they can never divorce (Deuteronomy 22:28-29). What justice the “moral majority” advocates!

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An atheist walk into a bar and the bartender ask, “How did you get here?”
The atheist responds, “I’m just here and that’s all!”
atheism quotes and atheist quotes
Dan Barker:
there are no action in and of themselves are always absolutely right or wrong. It depends on the context. You cannot name an action that is always, absolutely right or wrong, I can think of an exception in any case.[4]

And if he [God] wants to prove to him [sic] what a big daddy in the sky he is, if he wants to prove what a big macho man he is and send someone to me [sic] to hell for having the audacity to think for myself and challenge his moral actions then let him do it. I would rather suffer an eternity in hell, burning in flames with some dignity, than pretending to bow down and worship at the feet of this, this brutal blood thirsty dictator of the Bible.[5]
atheism quotes and atheist quotes
Dan Barker offering reasons for doing “good”:
1. “if you wish to be…a healthy person” (meaning mentally healthy).
2. “if you wish to be labeled ‘ethical’ by other people.”
3. “if you wish to be viewed by your society as ‘a good person.’”
4. “if that’s something you wish.” [6]

Darwin has bequeathed what is good….abortion is a blessing.[7]
atheism quotes and atheist quotes
There is no moral interpreter in the cosmos, nothing cares and nobody cares…what happens to me or a piece of broccoli, it won’t [matter] the Sun is going to explode, we’re all gonna be gone. No one’s gonna care.[8]

Jesus was,
a moral monster.

the real drive behind the antiabortionists: misogyny. I don’t believe that any one of them cares a hoot for a fetus.[9]
atheism quotes and atheist quotes
I support a women’s right to choose an abortion…I think for most women an abortion is a blessing in her life, it is a wonderful thing. Obviously, there is a difference between a fetus that’s the size of a thumb that has, what, what would you put it in a little locket and hang it around your neck?[10]

From Dan Barker’s anti-theism poster:
There are no gods, no devils, no angels, no heaven or hell. There is only our natural world.
Kyle Butt on Dan Barker—What “We All Know” about a Lie,
Putting Mr. Barker’s statements together in logical form: (1) he considers it moral to lie in order to ‘protect someone from harm;’ (2) he considers religion to be harmful; (3) then it must follow that Mr. Barker would lie in order to dissuade a person from believing in God or religion.

Read a review of the Kyle Butt vs. Dan Barker debate here.

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Mariano explaining atheism’s cognitive dissonance:

It is ignorant and superstitious to believe that God made everything out of nothing.
It is rational and scientific to believe that nothing made everything out of nothing.

It is ignorant and superstitious to believe that God is eternal.
It is rational and scientific to believe that matter is eternal.

God is an effect and must have had a cause.
Matter is the uncaused first cause.

If God made everything, then who made God?
Matter made everything and nothing made matter.
atheism quotes and atheist quotes
Ex-atheist C. S. Lewis:
If you are a Christian you do not have to believe that all the other religions are simply wrong all through. If you are an atheist you have to believe that the main point in all the religions of the whole world is simply one huge mistake.
If you are a Christian, you are free to think that all these religions, even the queerest ones, contain at least some hint of the truth.
When I was an atheist I had to try to persuade myself that most of the human race have always been wrong about the question that mattered to them most; when I became a Christian I was able to take a more liberal view.[11]

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African-American atheist rapper Greydon Square,

I do shows in front of senior citizen white people…

Niggers believe in God; black people don't…A nigger blames white people for slavery, a black knows it was Africans who sold black people into slavery.[12]
atheism quotes and atheist quotes
My view on the atheist movement? If you can’t join them, beat them.

Bill Maher,
A "purity ball" is like a prom for a dad and his daughter, where dad gets in a tuxedo and the daughter gets in a gown, and they go to this ball, and he puts a ring on her finger and feeds her wedding cake, and she pledges to stay a virgin until she gets married. And then dad has sex with her in the car. [laughter] [applause]…

[referring to t-shirt that he had made up] I'm not going to lie; these are the bull[expletive removed] ones we made up that are even funnier. [laughter] "World's Greatest [expletive removed] tease!" [laughter] [applause]…"I'm With Horny!" [laughter] Oh, I love this one. [laughter]…"My Father Went to Third Base and All I Got was this Lousy T-Shirt." [laughter] [applause] And my favorite.[laughter] [he holds up t-shirt which reads, "My (picture of 'pussy'cat) Belongs to Daddy." [laughter] [groans] [applause]…If you're slipping a ring on your daughter's finger and eating wedding cake, trust me, you're plotting to [expletive removed] the babysitter. [laughter]

Atheism discredits condemnation and condemnation discredits atheism.
atheism quotes and atheist quotes
Giles Fraser,
Philosophers of the caliber of Nietzsche made the effort to understand what animates genuine religious belief…These days, philosophical acumen has been replaced by cheap jokes about the sexuality of nuns.[13]

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G. K. Chesterton:
But the new rebel is a Sceptic, and will not entirely trust anything. He has no loyalty; therefore he can never be really a revolutionist. And the fact that he doubts everything really gets in his way when he wants to denounce anything. For all denunciation implies a moral doctrine of some kind; and the modern revolutionist doubts not only the institution he denounces, but the doctrine by which he denounces it.

Thus he writes one book complaining that imperial oppression insults the purity of women, and then he writes another book (about the sex problem) in which he insults it himself. He curses the Sultan because Christian girls lose their virginity, and then curses Mrs. Grundy because they keep it.

As a politician, he will cry out that war is a waste of life, and then, as a philosopher, that all life is waste of time. A Russian pessimist will denounce a policeman for killing a peasant, and then prove by the highest philosophical principles that the peasant ought to have killed himself.

A man denounces marriage as a lie, and then denounces aristocratic profligates for treating it as a lie. He calls a flag a bauble [mock scepter of office], and then blames the oppressors of Poland or Ireland because they take away that bauble.

The man of this school goes first to a political meeting, where he complains that savages are treated as if they were beasts; then he takes his hat and umbrella and goes on to a scientific meeting, where he proves that they practically are beasts.

In short, the modern revolutionist, being an infinite sceptic, is always engaged in undermining his own mines. In his book on politics he attacks men for trampling on morality; in his book on ethics he attacks morality for trampling on men.

Therefore the modern man in revolt has become practically useless for all purposes of revolt. By rebelling against everything he has lost his right to rebel against anything.
atheism quotes and atheist quotes
Randy Thornhill and Craig T. Palmer
evolutionary theory applies to rape, as it does to other areas of human affairs, on both logical and evidentiary grounds. There is no legitimate scientific reason not to apply evolutionary or ultimate hypotheses to rape….Human rape arises from men’s evolved machinery for obtaining a high number of mates in an environment where females choose mates.[14]

Joann Ellison Rodgers,
Rape or at least rape-like acts clearly exist in many species, giving additional weight to both rape’s “natural” roots and its “value” in our biological and psychological legacy…
Even rape, fetishes, bondage, and other so-called aberrant sexual behaviors are almost certainly biologically predisposed, if not adaptive, and may therefore be what biologists call ‘conserved’ traits, attributes or properties useful or essential to life across all cultures and genomes.[15]

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Richard Lewontin:

What seems absurd depends on one’s prejudice. Carl Sagan accepts, as I do, the duality of light, which is at the same time wave and particle, but he thinks that the consubstantiality of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost puts the mystery of the Holy Trinity “in deep trouble.” Two’s company, but three’s a crowd.[16]
atheism quotes and atheist quotes
Daniel Dennett,
We're just the beginning of a new wave of explicit attempts to shake peoples' faith.

Christopher Hitchens:
I didn’t expect, when I started off on my book tour, to be as lucky as I was and I, Jerry Falwell died my first week on the road, that was amazing.

Sam Harris, very enthusiastically and laughingly,
Yes, that was amazing luck!
atheism quotes and atheist quotes
David Limbaugh from, The Paradoxical Hatred of Christopher Hitchens:
Hitchens refused to back down from his excoriation of Falwell on the very day of his death, saying, “I don't care whether his family's feelings are hurt or not. But if they are, they can take comfort from the extraordinary piety and stupidity, and generally speaking, uniformity of the coverage of the man's death.” Hitchens' response to CNN's Anderson Cooper's question of whether he believed in heaven and whether ‘you think Jerry Falwell is in it.’ Hitchens said he did not believe in it, but “I think it's a pity there isn't a hell for him to go to.”

Christopher Hitchens:
I'll take things you and Richard say on the human and natural sciences, not without wanting to check, but I’m often unable to but knowing that you are the sort of gentlemen who would have checked. If you say, “the bishop told me it so I believe it” you make a fool of yourself it seems to me, and one is entitled to say so.

Sam Harris poses the following question,
Is there any argument for faith, any challenge to your atheism that has given you pause, that has set you back on your heels where you felt you didn’t have a ready answer, etc?
atheism quotes and atheist quotes
Daniel Dennett responds,
Actually I can’t think of anything.

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Daniel Dennett:

I think, what I would love to do is to invent a memorable catchphrase or term that would rise unbidden in their minds when they caught themselves doing it, and then they would think oh, this is one of those cosmic shifts that Dennett and Dawkins and Harris and Hitchens are talking about. Oh! right! and they think this is somehow illicit, just to create a little more awareness in them of what a strange thing it is that they're doing.
atheism quotes and atheist quotes
Christopher Hitchens,
they're all equally rotten, false, dishonest, corrupt, humourless and dangerous.

Responding to the question of whether “all faith claims are in some sense equivalent.”

Dinesh D'Souza, “Richard Dawkins Compares Me to Hitler,” AOL, July 7, 2008
I suspect that Dawkins has come up with this pathetic reductio ad Hitlerum in order to justify his cowardice in not debating me…Isn't the real problem that Dawkins has used his zoologist's credentials in order to wander into fields (physics, astronomy, history, philosophy, anthropology, theology) where his knowledge is embarrassingly limited? I suspect he's worried that in a debate I will exposure his ignorance and make him an international object of ridicule. Why not prove me wrong, Richard? Come out from under your desk and take me up on my invitation to debate.

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Atheism is the Valium of the people.

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From Billions and Billions of Demons, Prof. Lewontin’s review of Carl Sagan’s The Demon-Haunted World. This entire, very sobering, article is posted and reviewed here.


  1. From Atheism, the Bible, Rape and, part 3 of 6:

    Clearly Moses and God approves of rape of virgins


    "But if in the field the man finds the girl who is engaged, and the man forces her and lies with her, then only the man who lies with her shall die. But you shall do nothing to the girl; there is no sin in the girl worthy of death, for just as a man rises against his neighbor and murders him, so is this case. When he found her in the field, the engaged girl cried out, but there was no one to save her," (Deut. 22:25-28).

    Doesn’t sound like God or Moses approves of rape of virgins to me!

  2. I don't know how you can blame atheists for pointing out that the Law of Moses, as recorded in the Bible, states that a rapist should marry the girl he raped.

    Deuteronomy 22:28-29

    " 28 If a man happens to meet a virgin who is not pledged to be married and rapes her and they are discovered, 29 he shall pay the girl's father fifty shekels of silver. He must marry the girl, for he has violated her. He can never divorce her as long as he lives. "

    There are also clauses about the men in the Israelite army being told how to marry a girl in a town they besieged after the army killed her whole family.

  3. I see you have a new site...I will check it out. Thank you! For this one, though I'd like to make a submission:

    It reads:

    "Atheists think:
    • the Bible doesn't exist.
    • suffocation = evolution.
    • things fall because of science.
    • they created mankind."

    That sums up atheist petulance and arrogance pretty well for me...I love and firmly respect a lot of former atheists though, of course. Thank you for this site!!!

    1. How are atheists arrogant? None of those things are true, and I should know because I'm atheist. Do you want to know why, because the entire concept of god is ridiculous. There is not a god fairy floating in the sky making people prayers come true. You are very uneducated and you shouldn't reproduce.

    2. I respect and agree with this.

  4. when alot of people are atheists you get the soviet union. I was born there and got the hell out. Atheists are scum. period.

  5. Using the analogy of Stalin being an atheist thus all atheists are communist dictators is really clutching at straws. It seems religious people are missing a part of their mental reasoning function preventing them from logical thinking.
    By your own logic, since Hitler was a catholic, all Catholics are Nazis.
    Your blog is pathetic.
    Your Gods message: "Worship me or i will torture you forever, I love you."

  6. @The anonymous guy at the bottom.

    Hitler was not catholic or christian. He was whorshipping a false God that says all Jews must die and Hitler called him christ. Any idiot can call himself Christian.

    Hitler constantly said he was christian but he hated the modern catholic church and 2/3 of the protestants. So he made up his own church(the nazi church). The bible states that the jews are Gods chosen people so how could a man kill all those Jews and call himself christian?

    Oh and the fact that your using the
    "Worship me or i will torture you forever, I love you." card and assuming that God actually believes that shows just how much of an ignorant troll you are. He's not the one torturing us. We tortured ourselves by not believing in him when he had the chance. How could God torture us if God doesn't live in hell and he loves us?

    Your comment is pathetic.
    The atheists message": You should believe me because I'm an asshole and I have nothing to back up my statement because I put my faith in theories and guesses.

  7. The ironic amount of vitriol, and even unadulterated hatred being spewed by this site and commenting "deists" is perversely amusing...

  8. Oh how little do you know about history. Of anything, the Red scare is responsible for that BS propaganda connecting atheists to communism. Hitler was a devout catholic, believed he was doing gods work, does that mean i think every catholic wants to kill jews?

    I worshiped as hard as i could to make sure i saw my dad again in heaven, but not until atheism have I been happy.

    Don't judge me, I do more free work for people and give to my community more than my religious friends, does that mean atheists are all better people? no, that argument doesnt work either way.

    You have the religious and worldly maturity of a 15-17 year old girl, from what ive seen on other blogs, same material and outlook. and you clearly haven't done much traveling.

    1. I agree with you. All atheists cannot be written off as peace-haters just because we don't have a god telling us to be peaceful. We are peaceful on our own.

  9. "Agnostic: I don’t believe there is a God. Because I haven’t seen the evidence.
    Atheist: There is no God. Because I’m an ***hole.[2] [expletive censored]"

    Actually, agnostic's don't pick a side. They are fence sitters. Atheists don't believe in any God. Just because they say it is more probable that God doesn't exist, doesn't mean they're saying it as fact. Please educate yourselves before you try to educate others.

    For everyone else reading this:
    I hope you realize that these people are saying that atheists are "freely thinking incorrectly". Think people. Do your research.

  10. A note on the "without religion" stalin picture... you're kind of proving your own ignorance with something like that.
    Without religion there would have been
    No crusades = millions of people would not have died
    the christian conquest of assimilation would not have occurred, saving millions of lives and securing culture lost due to assimilation.
    World War II would have not been as centered around genocide.
    Gay people could get married because believe it or not, they're human and they love people too.
    Women would retain the rights over their own body.
    Churches, synagogues, and mosques would not be siphoning the community's money.
    Thousands of children would have gone unmolested by priests...
    I mean do I really need to go on?

  11. The very concept of religion is just ridiculous. The idea of an origin point is a human concept. Human life begins and ends, however how can that possibly be applicable to something like the creation of the universe? As far as we know as of now we are an anomaly amongst billions of stars and planets.

  12. @Darishlovatt

    Stalin and Hilter were atheists. Hitler bashed Christianity and called it a "plague upon the world" and that it must "die a slow natural death" and this can be found in the book "Hitler's Table Talk".

    You atheists are foolish and ignorant of history. The Cursades were launched to prevent the Muslim's expansion of their empire. There was no religious motivation behind it.

    World War II was caused by an atheist communist.

    Gay people are mentally ill and must be helped, not encouraged. Anal sex is dangerous and leads to death which you atheists support, just like you support pedophilia (Satanists - who don't believe in God - practice pedophilia as part of their beliefs) and abortion.

    Churches, Synagogues and mosques do not take the community's money. I'm no fan of The Church but they've done more good than you godless freaks have ever done.

    You atheists have no charities and what charities you do have, are simply to spread your godless secular message. You ruin religious holidays and discredit them. You teach children about Santa Claus rather than about Jesus Christ or Saint Nickolas (who gave to the poor and helped them).

    Jesus Christ supported peace and many quotes of peace come from Christ. By hating Christ, you hate peace.

    No Jesus = No peace. You atheists love war which is why all the godless secular governments encourage war and take all of our money for themselves.

    1. Gay people are not mentally ill. I am not gay but I think people should have the right to be gay. If a man likes a man, it's not hurting anything! It's just a little weird, but it is their own choice. People have a right to choose. Btw, Atheists don't hate Christ. We hate Christians because you call us crap and say we hate god. Truth is, we believe there isn't a god, therefore we cannot hate it. And simply because we don't believe in some random magical man who 'created' the world and lives in some kingdom in the sky but not actually in the sky where everything is perfect and all that other crap who supports peace doesn't mean that we don't support peace. That's like saying that if we don't join a book club doesn't mean we don't enjoy reading from time to time. We don't love war. Do you think we like watching people die? You are so caught up in your hatred for atheists that you cannot think clearly. We are people to, not demons. You have to see through your Christ-brain-washed mind to see that sometimes. Lastly, just because we don't believe in magical being that nobody's ever really seen or communicated with doesn't make us freaks. Just makes us logical thinkers. One more thing-- just because we don't advertise our atheist name on charities doesn't mean we don't have them. It just means we focus more on the charity itself than advertising our name. I was born Christian, raised up on all that crap but turned atheist because it was logical. I am not a god-hater or whatever, I am a thinker like most of the atheists and very few of the Christians.

    2. People like you sicken me. Gay people are not mentally ill. If you think that they are just because "god" tells you it isn't right, you're stupid for believing it. God is illogical, but atheism is logical.

      I think you are mentally ill. You need to go to a hospital. I'm being completely serious. People like you is what's wrong with the world.

    3. And also, I'm not a freak even though I am godless.

      Please, don't EVER reproduce!!

    4. 1. Homosexuality is a mental illness - You are just fundamentally wrong here, homosexuality can be seen in abundance all over the animal kingdom. Yet homophobia is only existent in one.

      2. Hitler was an atheist - This is still, and more than likely will always be an area of contention an debate within historians. Yes, Hitler did have an abundance of quotes to make him seem atheist, but the only way that you could come to the the definitive conclusion is if you simply are oblivious to many of the other things he said. Such as,' Hence today I believe I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator: by defending myself against the Jew I am doing the work of the Lord.' That was taken from Mein Kampf, I encourage you to look up both sides of an argument before making your mind up.

      3. 'Just like you support pedophilia' - Its incredible that you think that because we have one single opinion, on one single subject (the existence of a deity) we are therefore attracted to children. Pointing out what happens to choir boys behind closed church doors always seems to much of a cheap shot in most circumstances, but this time I'll make an exception. If faith was a true deterrent these atrocities would not have happened. And I'd also like to point out the fact that Satanists cannot be atheists.

      4. 'You atheists have no charities.' Wrong, again. Please reasearch these things, PLEASE. Just Google secular charities and you have 100's to pick from my friend.

      5. 'No Jesus, no peace.' I don't think I'm going too much out on a limb by saying that you think God directly influences the economy, education etc. So I will point you in the direction of Norway. The are a predominately atheist nation, but yet have the lowest rates of violent crime, second best life expectancy in Europe and also the best education system.

      I apologise for the length of this, but there was simply to much ignorance to ignore how ignorant he is.

  13. There is ZERO EVIDENCE FOR ATHEISM AND EVOLUTION. Both theories are odious, inane and illogical.

    Atheism states that the universe came from nothing and some theories in atheism teach that the universe has always existed. The COBE proved that the universe had a beginning and that it was created. Don't give me that garbage that another universe created this universe because then we get stuck in an endless infinite cycle of universes creating one another. At one point, there had to be a beginning and as God says, he IS the beginning and the end (the alpha and the omega) who has existed before time begun.

    Zeus, Odin and Ra were all human made and this could be seen due to how their worshipers worshiped them as. God was always described as existing beyond the universe and being a being of pure energy which he used to create the universe and time itself.

    If Atheism is true, why do we observe order, complexity, design and symmetry in the world and the universe? Such things do not come about without thought behind them. The fact that we can observe symmetry, design and order in the cosmos shows that a mind was behind it.

    Evolution has no transitional fossils supporting it. There are no fossils showing the evolutionary progression of ape to man and this is because evolution never happened. If it did, we would have found such fossils long ago. If you crazy godless freaks want to believe that you came from monkeys, fine, go ahead. You ARE monkeys because you have the intelligence of one. I'm a human though: a wise man.

    And another thing, how could evolution know about smell so that the early creatures could evolve noses? Evolution is a dumb and unconscious process. It could never know about smell and thus in theory, if evolution were true, we wouldn't have noses!

    Atheists would rather believe that this beautiful universe came from nothing, rather than believe that an intelligent mind designed it. Atheists are either mentally ill to believe their garbage or they simply hate God because something bad happened to them in their lives. Deep down - as surveys have proven - most of the world believes in an energy that created everything. Even those that have called themselves atheists in the past have admitted that they doubt their beliefs because their beliefs are based on groundless theories.

    And don't give me that crap about "not seeing God" because you don't see the creator of the computer you are using but you KNOW it HAD a creator because of the design it shows. Likewise, the universe shows design AND beauty. It recycles, stars die, stars are born, gravity keeps everything in balance and gravity also holds everything together. For me, that's no random accident.


    1. Actually, there is evidence for evolution, and you should educate yourself about it. It may not make sense to you because you're an uneducated moron. First of all,humans did not evolve from monkeys. Humans are more closely related to modern apes than to monkeys, but we didn't evolve from apes, either. Humans share a common ancestor with modern African apes, like gorillas and chimpanzees. Scientists believe this common ancestor existed
      5 to 8 million years ago. Shortly thereafter, the species diverged into two separate lineages. One of these lineages ultimately evolved into gorillas and chimps, and the other evolved into early human ancestors called hominids.

      Through you're whole idiotic comment, you didn't use one real fact. You kept quoting "god". God doesn't exist, so your point is not valid.

      Also, get over yourself, you said:"I'm a human though: a wise man.". That is probably the funniest thing I have heard all day. You are an idiot and you need to have facts supporting your "god". If you can prove "god's" existence, please prove it now. Oh, wait that's right, you can't!!

    2. God is an unfalsifiable hypothesis. You can't prove he's there and you can't prove he's not there. Like if I said I can fly, but only when nobody is looking. That too is an unfalsifiable hypothesis. Can you prove that I can't? No. Can you prove that I can? Still no.

      I don't want my entire life ahead of me to be based upon some book that was written years before I was even conceived into this world. Honestly, if you moronic bible humping christians would just listen to reason, instead of putting down any objection to some magical being that lives in the sky, you wouldn't exist anymore.

      I want to live my life based on my moral and emotional attitude towards the vast array of possibilities that exist within this "cosmos". Not based on the moral and emotional obligations I allegedly have because a scholar wrote it down.

      You can't prove either side is true, and at least atheists can admit to that. The arguments christians have for the proof of god is usually god, which makes their argument completely circular so don't try and denounce my beliefs when you can't even prove yours.

  14. Actually, Atheism is at an all time high. Just sayin.

    1. 1) I dare you to prove gods existence, as we cant prove the big bang or the steadys state theory.

      2) Atheists and theists need to realise, even if god did make us, we can never know so its time to forget it, believe what you like, and enjoy your life.

      ... there are fossils showing ape to man (not many but there are still some) and evolution is still happening as we can see it. Take the example of black and white moths for example, it basically spells evolution for you.

  15. lol, your delusions amuse me.
    Good luck promoting your campaign of brainwashing people from childhood to beleive in some sky fairy, fortunately a wave of rationality is spreading all over the world. As Chase said Atheism is at an all time high.

  16. Accepting that we don't know what God is or if he exists is ridiculous. But believing in a 17 year old virgin that was impregnated by a god, who then gives birth to a power healing zombie makes perfect sense. You can't teach about God or understand what God is because you are a HUMAN.

    Go get laid, dorks

  17. What really makes me laugh is the fact that Christians try and push their beliefs on others, while atheists don't. Westboro Baptist Church for example. They're some of the most moronic and retarded pieces of Christian scum I have ever seen. Can you get any douchier then that? They protest at funerals, they even protested Sandy Hook saying that "God wanted those children to die". You make me sick.