God Is Not Probable In Sweden - Gud Finns Nog Inte

The Swedish Humanist
Association Gets on the Bus
The Swedish Humanist Association are the latest group of atheist who have such an overwhelming amount of money, and apparently do not know anyone in need, that they are purchasing ads.

The rise of atheism in America is being celebrated by atheists who have tremendous amounts of money and nothing better to do with it than purchase bus and billboards ads.
In the larger atheist population of the UK they are likewise rolling in the dough.
Now the latest astonishingly wealthy atheists of Sweden are following the lemming’s lead.

Their ads are to read “Gud finns nog inte” God is not probable or perhaps more literally God exist probably not.

The Swedish Humanist Association is desperate to make their plight heard as from a population of 9 million Swedes ONLY 7 million are atheists (or “do not claim to be religious” funny, most bible-thumping-evangelical-fundamentalist-born again-Christians would not claim to be religious).
Behind the advertisement we find the Swedish humanist society that seeks to promote humanism and debates about religion in politics and policy. In order to do that the advertisement comes with a questionnaire on the internet that will give you a verdict on your answers. Are you a full blown humanist, moderate or a believer in God’s law in society? During a time of worldwide recession atheists in the UK, USA and now in Sweden are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations not in order to help anyone in need but in order to purchase billboards and bus ads in attempts to demonstrated just how clever they think they are—need any more be said?


  1. "...need any more be said?"

    Only that you continue to be full of sanctimonious crap. And that you demonstrate your fundamentally mean spirit by besmirching the motives of people that you know nothing about. There is absolutely nothing wrong with an organization spending their money promoting the ideals of that organization.

  2. "...most bible-thumping-evangelical-fundamentalist-born again-Christians would not claim to be religious..."

    Really, this is a most extraordinary and counter-intuitive claim. It certainly doesn't comport with anything in my personal experience nor does it seem to fit with any of the data that I've looked at in studies of religiosity. Do you have anything to back up this assertion?

  3. Why would they even have such an organisation if 7 million of a 9 million total population are on their side.
    To gain a few more Allies then flush the remaining rats out of their cellars ?
    Mmmm Sounds a little familiar

  4. It is not the case that 7 out of 9 are members of the Humanist Association, only that 7 out of 9 don't claim to be religious. Just about everybody in the US believes in democracy but not all belong to the Democratic (or Republican) party. There is far far more to Secualar Humanism than just a lack belief in the superstition.

  5. With that analogy I think Mariano makes a valid point

  6. This is funny. Here we have dozens of mega churches hoarding millions of tax-free dollars, televangelists and creationists, all creating banners and advertisements so frequently that as a society we've collectively learned to accept them as a normal fact of life; yet you're busy condemning an organisation for advertising itself by holding it to standards that churches have been ignoring for centuries. Talk about your double standards.

    Throughout history, religions have sank more money into building luxurious cathedrals, temples, buildings which have squandered resources during times when peasants were starving. In modern times a televangelist can live in a mansion as thousands starve. So hey, why didn't they give that money where it's needed?

    Talk about making a storm in a teacup.

  7. Re spending money advertising, check ANY newspaper's ads for 'services' which consist in the main of 'fleecing the sheeple' of as much money as they can get. You might also check the cost of televangelists programs designed with a similar end. It costs a LOT of money to pay for & fly those privately owned jets & helicopters. Religion in America is close to a 100 billion dollar non-tax-paying 'industry'--annually.

  8. God is just another addiction, only more expensive than the other drugs.