Atheist Greydon Square - Rapper Extraordinaire

Atheist rapper Greydon Square is down with the 'ol peeps. Or are they down with him? I do not know how that works. He, an African-American, stated, “I do shows in front of senior citizen white people.”[1] Can you imagine? “Yeah boyyyyyy! Everybody in the old folks home take a tug from your oxygen tank and say ‘Ho!’”

It must be quite a site as he is doing “shows in front of senior citizen white people” whilst rapping classic lyrics such as,
Niggers believe in God; black people don't…A nigger blames white people for slavery, a black knows it was Africans who sold black people into slavery.

I could just imagine it, Wave you’re hands in the air, I’m prejudice and I just don’t care!

Amongst his many accolades is that he is,
A Trekkie from Compton. An Iraqi war veteran who majored in physics.
An intellectual alt-rapper who idolizes Canibus but beat down his former manager over money.

This intellectual rapper demonstrates his erudite nature by rapping about,
desecrating Brigham Young's grave and pissing in a synagogue.

He comments thusly,
“I'm confrontational with people who are, by nature, confrontational with their ideology,” he says. “You can't run around and tell people that they're going to hell because they don't believe in the same sky God as you. Are you serious? I will confront you over that.”

I certainly am down with that, as it were, and please do not forget to leave the safety and comfort of the USA which is premised upon Christian principles and tour Muslim countries confronting them about their sky god. He fought in Iraq, and his service is to be honored, now let him take on their theology on their turf.

I do not know if this is meant to be a put down or a compliment, form the context of the article it appears to be a compliment, but the Phoenix New Times I have been quoting states,
his rhymes are full of those atheist arguments you learn in Philosophy 101

Ah yes, Philosophy 101 when young rebellious teens who have just left home for the first time learn child’s play arguments walk around with their intellectual chest puffed out. It is actually adorable, especially when big people, such as Prof. Richard Dawkins or even Professor of Philosophy Daniel Dennett are still employing Philosophy 101 arguments; if they are even to that level and not stuck in Atheist Kindergarten.

I suspect that Prof. Paul Vitz would find it very telling that, “Greydon grew up in group homes” rejecting God the Father due to an absent human father and that “he’s been in a gang” seeking the approval, family atmosphere and looking up the gang leader as a father figure.

It is also reported that “most fans of a rapper” refer to Greydon Square as the “black Carl Sagan.” Indeed, it is one of Carl Sagans greatest claims to fame, or infamy, to pretend to do science while, in reality, premising his claims on the bias of his atheist worldview. After all, that “The Cosmos is all that is or ever was or ever will be” is an utterly unscientific statement but is Atheist Mythology 101.

As for the aforementioned “beat down his former manager over money” the article states that the Rational Response Squad’s Brian] Sapient has been referred to by some atheists as “a cult leader and compared to David Koresh.” Greydon Square stated,
It never ceases to amaze me that when people join a group, they just accept the group position on everything. And I did that, with the Rational Response Squad. I accepted their methods and I accepted their beefs.

Thus, he has left the Rational Response Squad cult and is taking on sky Gods, Brigham Young, synagogues, “Niggers” and do not forget that,
“The fundamentalist atheists are not safe, either,” he says. “To me, if you run around and you treat non-belief like a religion, then I've gotta get at you, just because you're making everyone else look bad.”

[1] Martin Cizmar, Rapper Greydon Square Is an Atheist Icon, Phoenix New Times, April 28, 2009


  1. HAHAHAHA, I love anti-atheist sites, such weak BS from the religious crowd, Greydon square is smarter than you think, listen to rational response, its a little more in depth than philosophy 101... which by the way, Atheism isn't philosophy, its theory, philosophy is a direction of thought that has to do with how things should be, not how they are.

    Love anti-atheists, dumbest people on the planet, I swear. Keep up the comedy, because popcorn always tastes better when theres something to laugh at.

  2. Yep, it's nice to see one of the most anti-racist songs I have ever heard be called "prejudice". The logical fallacies in this article are mind numbing

  3. It's easy to cherry pick lyrics to manipulate them into hateful and/or sentimental statements. I encourage everyone to listen to the aforementioned songs quoted and form your own opinion. Read the lyrics, not just the black, the white, too.