Answering Atheism - Welcome / Introduction

Answering atheism


Project Answering Atheism is dedicated to a consideration of atheism.
Atheism will be considered from a polemical point of view.
That is to say that what project Answering Atheism has in view is a critique of atheism.
Answering atheism
This is not merely a wikipedia.org info based project, nor an infidels.org nor atheists.org nor atheism.about.com pro-atheism project.
Refuting atheism
Project Answering Atheism will serve as a directory to criticisms of atheism available online.
This is in no way a complete list of all criticisms of atheism on the World Wide Web.
If you know of anything that would fit the premise of project Answering Atheism please let me know through the comments section (also, please report dead links).
Debunking atheism
Project Answering Atheism includes the following categories.
Answering atheists
Welcome / Introduction.
Refuting atheists
Specialization: these are websites / blogs that specialize in atheism. That is, either the main or only topic covered is atheism.
Debunking atheists
Partial Relevant Content: these are websites / blogs that include particular articles dealing with atheism. That is, a website / blog may include quite a few items related to atheism amongst the variety of other topics which they cover.
Atheism and science
Articles / Essays / Posts: these are particular articles / essays / posts, sometimes listing more than one by a particular author.
Atheism and morality
Audio: lectures, debates, etc.
Atheism and religion
Books: various vantage points covered by various authors
Atheism and belief
Video: lectures, debates, etc.
Atheism and Christianity
Atheism and death
Is atheism wrong
Is atheism on the rise
There is a lot of curiosity about atheism, many questions asked, much information sought and much written.
Is atheism a faith
You may have wondered about and or searched the following information:
Atheist, atheist, New Atheism, atheist quotes or atheism quotes, atheist experience, atheist definition or atheism definition, atheist forum, atheist blog, atheism in America, atheism and beliefs, history of atheism, spirituality atheism practice or atheism ‘spirituality’, Descartes on atheism, what is atheism, atheism atheist, atheism symbol or symbol of atheism and even atheism t-shirts and atheist bumper stickers, atheist events, famous atheists, atheist religion, atheist belief, atheist jokes, difference between agnostic and atheist, conservative atheist, atheist films, atheist opinion poll, what do atheists believe, how can a atheist person be moral, celebrity atheists, spore atheist, atheist debate, the portable atheist, anti-atheism, or even atheisme and ateismo.
Are atheists bad
Maybe you have even wondered about skeptics or skepticism, perhaps agnostics or agnosticism. Or how atheism and atheists relate to morals or morality, ethics, or the science of biology, anthropology, astronomy, cosmology, evolution, Charles Darwin or Darwinism or Darwinian evolution, microevolution, macroevolution, creationism or creation science, intelligent design, religion, philosophy, reason, rationality, the Bible, or any of life’s questions relate to atheism and atheists.
Are atheists moral
What of some of the well know atheists of history or contemporary atheists such as: Charles Bradlaugh, David Hume, Friedrich Nietzsche, G.A. Wells, Marquis de Sade, Albert Camus, Jean Paul Sartre, Ayn Rand, Ernst Haeckel, Margaret Mead, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Voltaire, Paul-Henri Dietrich / Baron d'Holbach, Denis Diderot, Aldous Huxley, T. H. Huxley, Julian Huxley, Oscar Wilde, Bertrand Russell, Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, Arthur Schopenhauer, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Isaac Asimov, Carl Sagan, Earl Doherty, Madelyn O′Hair, Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, Daniel Dennett, Dan Barker, Michael Shermer, Michael Martin, PZ Myers, Richard Carrier, Stephen Carr, Jeffery Jay Lowder, Kyle Gerkin, Farrell Till, John Loftus, Austin Cline, et al.
Are atheists happy
Have you ever wondered about ex-atheists such as: C.S. Lewis, Anthony Flew, Lee Strobel, Steve Beren, Anders Borg, Whittaker Chambers, Francis Collins, Joy Davidman, Andre Frossard, Eugene D. Genovese, Nicky Gumbel, Keir Hardie, Anna Haycraft, Ignace Lepp, Felix Leseur, Alister McGrath, Claude McKay, Lacey Mosley, William J. Murray, Bernard Nathanson, Marvin Olasky, Enoch Powell, George R. Price, Gerald Priestland, Dame Cicely Saunders, Edith Stein, Peter Steele, Stewart Traill, Fay Weldon, John C. Wright, Simon Greenleaf, William Ramsay, et al.
Are atheists evil
What about the varieties of atheism such as: strong atheism, positive atheism, explicit atheism, critical atheism, weak atheism, negative atheism, implicit atheism, anti-theist, non-theist, misotheist, Brights, Freethinkers, Humanist, Secular Humanist, Naturalist, Materialist, Rationalist, Philosophical Skepticism, Universism, et al.
Against atheism
Project Answering Atheism content:

Welcome / Introduction


Partial Relevant Content

Articles / Essays / Posts



Answering atheism
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  1. Thanks Mariano. You've obviously put a lot into this.

  2. Isn't there a risk that by adopting as your logo the "Atheist A" - twice! - you're just going to end up making it better known?

  3. Nice work, Mariano. I'm all for answering atheism- but I haven't seen it done yet.

    If I may say so, my favorites are the two where the legs of the A's cross- not only are they graphically more striking, but you also have that X in the middle that says "X out atheism!"

  4. Mariano

    May I humbly submit my own half finished website for your list. It is called reason & belief and it aims to present a reasonably balanced approach to the question to encourage people to make up their own minds.


  5. I have a book recommendation as well as Christmas present suggestion for everyone: Atheism Advanced (Eller, 2008).

    Are you a theist tired of debunking Hitchens, Harris and Dawkins? Want to try something a little more challenging? Then this is the book for you!

    To my fellow atheists: in my view, this extremely well researched and insightful book by Ellers sets a new standard for the debate. I hope many of you who have not already read it will do so during the holidays, and then let's talk about it in 2009 :-) Happy holidays everyone!

  6. I’m kinda bummed. I thought this blog would have some good debate; instead it’s a list of articles.

    That being said, as an atheist/agnostic I’ll be happy to answer ANY questions from a civil non-theist viewpoint.


  7. This blog is just a fine, fine piece of work. Thank you.

  8. Is this a Pro- or Anti- Christian/Atheist site?