“UNM helping track China's filtering of Internet”

This post is strictly for the sake that it may be of interest so someone.

The Associated Press reported that University of New Mexico computer scientists have been tracking the Chinese government's internet censorship.

It has been uncovered that, “They did an overhaul of their blacklist in February,” but “we're not sure why.”

Previously censored search engine terms included, “Adolph Hitler,” “Mein Kampf” and “conversion rate.” These “now appear to have been removed from the censoring software.” “Tibet” remains consistently filtered.

Also, on the censored list are, “chicken feather information collection,” “Oriental red space time,” “eighty-nine” and “multidimensional.”

Overall what has been found is that “Different things are being blocked in different parts of the country.”


  1. China is officially atheistic, don't forget that.

  2. chuck "China is officially atheistic, don't forget that."
    They are? The heck, you say!

    The more I see about totalitarianism/authoritarianism, the less I like it (and I never liked it much to begin with). This whole "secular republic" idea sounds like the way to go.

  3. China's policies are severely secular, MO. They treat their citizens like animals, force sterilization on their women and murder "religious" people all the time.

    The "way to go" is to have a society informed about moral issues, but not by a govt. or church or tradition. Where there is govt. there is totalitarianism.

  4. China is now promoting religion for "social harmony'.

    They have rossed the line between evil and cartoonish supervilliany.

    Seriously, it sounds like they read "The Communist Manifesto" and said "You know what would be great? If we were capitalists!"